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How I Grew My Natural Hair Back Fast!

To Start, I want to say that each person is different and not everything works for everyone alike. I encourage you to do your research and due diligence in finding the best products and routine for you!

I have always had a complex relationship with my hair! I never truly fell in love with my natural hair until I was well into my early adult years. As unfortunate as it may sound, this is the reality for many black women who struggle with loving their authentic beauty and natural hair.

I went through chemical relaxing, transitioning back to natural, to damaging that natural hair with heat, to chopping it again and starting the whole cycle over. I realized I had had enough and decided to do things differently! These simple but effective changes not only allowed me to grow my hair from 3 inches to my shoulders, in less than a year, but it also helped me change my mindset on how simple natural haircare can be for black women.

Head over to our online store to shop our haircare line FRO FOOD. Our haircare line is not made with any harsh cleansers, irritants or alcohols. You will also find our infamous hair growth oil! Our line includes power oils like Castor Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Sage Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Ginger Oil and more! Build your regimen with products that work!

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1 Comment

Leah Stewart
Leah Stewart
Apr 20, 2022

Very nicely written! 👍👍👍 Presentation, excellent!

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