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What Inspired My Handmade Products?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I've always found joy in creating things and sharing them with others. Initially, I created my first soap bar (the original formula) to use for myself, because I was having issues with dark underarms. I tried a bleaching product that left me with a chemical burn and blackened armpits. This made me very self-conscious, so I tried to research a natural remedy. From my research I created a recipe for a soap bar and found that I enjoyed the results. Then I made a few extra bars for some of my clients to try, and it was history from then.

After creating the first bar of soap, a passion within my was ignited. I found a source of creative expression that not only rendered me great happiness, but my clients loved the results as well! When the shop was born, I initially just had my Original soap, but once again, I shared a personal secret with a client, who liked the results, and the Diosa was born.

Each of my products were made simply because I needed them. It started out with looking for a personal solution and then discovering something anyone could benefit from. I strive to create products that not only I enjoy, but products that will continue to be helpful and effective for anyone who tries them!

A part of my mission, includes reviving the appreciation for handmade products, simplicity and natural ingredients.

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