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Customized Skincare

All of our skincare services are uniqely customized to your skincare needs. All of our Treatment Facials require a pre-consultation before your first service.

Pre-consultations are $30 and are conducted in the spa. After your pre-consultaton, your Esthetician will provide you with a treatment outline, indicating which treatments would be best for suited for you. When you book a treatment service, the cost of your pre-consultation is credited to your treatment cost. 

During the consultation, your skin will be cleansed and assessed. Your esthetician will explain your current skin condition and what is recommended to see improvements.

This helps us work together in providing the best skincare service for your needs.  

What We Offer

Our Salon & Spa offers:

Spa Facials

Specialized Facial Treatments


Back Facials

Treatment Facials

All of our treatment facials are customized to your needs and so price points may be subject to change. Treatment facials are conducted with Pharmaceutical Grade product only. Chemical peels and Collagen Induction Facials may only be booked with the permission of the esthetician. Treatment Facials are customized and have starting prices.

Men's Facial services are available also*

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Brands We Use in the Spa

GlyMed Plus
IMAGE Skincare

and more

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